Jason Lowe

Ph.D. Student, Researcher

My dissertation topic is temple theology: which is about the cosmic temple in Genesis 1-3, connected to the tabernacle/temple which serves as a microcosm. This basically means that God’s plan for the universe is to inhabit it with his presence, the way an ancient deity was thought to live in a temple.


This is a strand that I find to be not only fascinating but also surprisingly saturated throughout the biblical accounts. I plan on researching this topic specifically in the second temple corpus, where I hope to discover how this brilliant ideology was seen and used during this time in Judaism, and how it influenced the New Testament authors, not to mention Jesus himself. I think it is a promising way to reframe how to read the Bible, as well as how to articulate and live out historical Christianity.


I decided to launch In The Interim because my passion is to bridge the gap between academic scholarship and the rest of Christianity. To me, it is vital that all Christians have access to the Biblical research that's available - but in a way that's easy to understand and simple to apply. The goal of this blog is to give free access to all who want to learn.